Manufacturing Facilities General Contractor

Factory Renovations for the 21st Century 

With the trend shift from large, single product facilities to smaller scale, flexible, multiproduct facilities that can be moved to different locations as needs arise, PCS prides itself in being agile to meet the challenge.

“When new manufacturing facilities are interested in having the tactical ability to transform an entire factory structure to switch to a different product family, PCS can help make that happen.”

Moving toward real-time management of energy use? We have examples of our expertise. Have a need for secure management of extensive amounts of data generated within the supply chain, PCS makes the unmanageable manageable. We know regulatory compliance and traceability is an industry challenge too. It’s why PCS keeps up with the latest codes and standards.

Precision Contracting Services understands that you’ve got work to do and the needs of the manufacturing industry are ever changing. We subscribe to best practices to work as efficiently as possible to minimize facility downtime.

Call PCS today to discuss your project. Get a Free Estimate.  We are here to help you with all of your manufacturing facility needs. We want to be your manufacturing facilities general contractor.

Carbide Tool

Demo at Carbide Tool led to build-out of new offices and production floor.


Exterior renovations at Rheocast including TPO roof system, fascia and soffit work, tuckpointing and painting. Interior office build-out extended from demo to full mechanicals and finished carpentry.