Restaurant General Contracting

Eco-friendly Building/Design

We live in a day and age where transparency is everything. Dining customers no longer just expect it; they demand it. PCS can build prep kitchens around open view or tableside exhibition cooking, or we can build a traditional kitchen.

Either way, technology comes into play. Because of higher quality food prep needs and advances in equipment, kitchen build-outs are often reduced in scope – a factor which could save you space and money. We’ll take the time as well to ensure Wi-Fi and outlets and USB ports are at tabletop height to meet those customer demands as well.

It probably goes without saying, but the restaurant industry is in a state of rapid transformation and expansion. Even chain restaurants are beginning to pay special attention to regional architectural vernacular rather than focusing on consistency between their fleet of buildings. It’s a nationwide trend as strong as the popularity of “going green” in old building re-use.

“Precision Contracting Services’ knowledge of restaurant trends and our expertise in eco-friendly building/design makes PCS the construction choice of restaurateurs.”

PCS is knowledgeable in all aspects of construction from regulations and standards to the permit process. We stay up to date on the latest local codes and standards whether it is fire, outlet, building and health codes, to ensure project completion is stress-free.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Let’s discuss your project and the possibilities of applying the latest restaurant trends to your entity. PCS is your Restaurant General Contracting partner.

Oakland Gyros

Oakland Gyros full exterior face lift including new enlarged windows, trim, painting, lighting and new signage.

Thirsty Duck

This vacant building was completely renovated inside and out to bring Thirsty Duck to life.