“Single Source” Commercial Build-Outs

In the commercial construction world, describing a custom build-out is as varied as the customers themselves. Sometimes “build-out” is an interchangeable term for building improvements, additions or renovations.

For us at Precision Contracting Services, we look at it this way. Build-outs take a new or existing commercial space – it could be a raw, unfinished interior or a demolition project followed by a complete renovation – and we transform the space. We give it a new design, a new look and feel, and often change structural and functional uses.

“From spatial design to finish carpentry, Precision Contracting Services has comprehensive experience on a wide variety of project types.”

Call a build-out what you will, at PCS we believe the most important distinction comes in selecting the right contracting partner. We are the partner of choice. PCS is a full-service, single source contractor – from concept and design planning to completion.

We serve every aspect of your project. From spatial design to finish carpentry, Precision Contracting Services has comprehensive experience on a wide variety of project types. Our staff and partners are talented and work diligently to keep our “Best in Class” reputation. Yet we pride ourselves on always providing versatility, resourcefulness and reliability. These essential qualities have been the foundation of our success on build-out projects.

Get to know us by sitting down to talk through our successful projects and learn about our satisfied customers. It will be time well spent.

Our “Customer First” Approach.

The cornerstone of our business is strong relationships. At PCS, we build for the long-term starting on day one. For more than 20 years, we’ve encouraged open dialogue and proactive communication because it translates into the best project outcomes.

We adhere closely to established timelines determined by a detailed production schedule — so all parties are confidently on the same page. Our team members are professional and dedicated, and go the extra mile for our customers.

With Precision Contracting Services, we treat your resources as if they’re our own.

Our team is conscientious. If there’s an unforeseen circumstance, they’re dedicated problem-solvers. Offering the best course of action and opportunities for swift resolution is our strong suit. The PCS “customer first” approach is why our clients continually refer us – from coast to coast.

Full-Service Capabilities.

Before you think of breaking ground, there are important steps that begin with first-rate planning and design concepts. Precision Contracting Services employs a team approach. We bring in design specialists, architects and often engineers to assess your needs and develop a thorough recommendation. We take a comprehensive look to determine:

  • Efficient use of space,
  • Aesthetic appeal and user functionality,
  • Application of best practices for spatial planning, and
  • Experiential needs of customers, tenants or employees.

The PCS project approach has a distinct methodology, and one that delivers successful outcomes. It’s a collaborative approach which aligns the vision, function and customer-facing essentials to maximize real estate potential.

Expertise and Application.

Precision Contracting Services has years of experience with build-outs in a variety of industries and settings — from office buildings and environment sensitive manufacturing organizations, to wellness and exercise facilities to car dealerships.

The PCS team is committed to excellence on every build-out project from small shops to Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering superior craftsmanship and service, every time.

From taking the interior down to the studs and moving walls to change the spatial layout, we’ve done it. Optimizing spatial flow and increasing functional space, we’ve done it. Interior demolition and complete space transformation. Check.

When it comes to build outs, remodels and renovations, you can feel confident PCS is the right construction partner for the job.