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Environmentally Responsible Demo

Most commercial projects require some level of demolition. Whether it’s simply removing a wall to reconfigure usable space or dismantling an expansive cooling tower – clay tile by clay tile. When you choose Precision Contracting Services, you can feel confident knowing you’ve selected the right demolition partner. PCS has the knowledge, experience and qualifications to get the job done right – in compliance within local and national standards, regulations and codes.

Commitment to Safety.

Ensuring employee and worker safety is a top priority for our team. At Precision Contracting Services, our commitment to safety is unparalleled. Success in commercial demolition begins with extensive knowledge and strictly adhering to safety protocols and best practices.

“Our demolition experience is vast…”

We work in accordance with OSHA standards while also addressing environmental needs as set forth by the EPA. For more than 20 years, PCS has put its comprehensive experience and skill in demolition to work coast-to-coast.

Permits and Responsible Disposal.

Advanced preparation and planning are at the foundation of our commercial demolition approach. PCS works closely with all local and national governing organizations to guide the permitting process. We secure all the proper and necessary permits.

We have a detailed mobilization and demobilization protocol, ensuring workers and equipment are where they need to be. Before project onset, we outline the resources and schedule to properly transport, dispose, and recycle materials.

The process often reveals opportunities to repurpose materials which can mean real savings for customers. To our designers, inspiration is often found in what can be reclaimed or creatively restored.

Ability to Recycle, Restore and Reclaim.

Beyond the standards and decommissioning of buildings and structures, are the remnants — concrete, steel, doors, beams, sinks and toilets — that may serve another purpose. At PCS, we take a holistic look at a demolition job for items to be recycled, restored or reused.

Finding the best fit for remnant materials is a core operating philosophy at PCS. While it’s an environmentally responsible practice, it’s also one of the reasons why PCS has a track record of success in working with the DNR for best outcomes. To us, recycling preserves the environment and makes sound economic sense.

Expertise in Demolition.

Our demolition experience is vast and varied, from complete structural removal to the conversion of manufacturing facilities. We’ve turned industrial spaces into viable retail shopping. We’ve transformed shopping into condominium living space. The PCS team has robust expertise when it comes to demolition.

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