Customer-Centric Approach to Commercial Design-Build

All successful design/build projects begin with a common thread – a strong vision. You can count on Precision Contracting Services to bring that vision to life. Innovative design is a core competency of PCS.

Precision Contracting Services is a comprehensive commercial services provider – from concept, design and planning to developing architectural and mechanical specifications. We have an award-winning team that integrates seamlessly with our construction team to flawlessly execute designs.

“Our design team members influence global design trends and impact the commercial design industry.”

At PCS, our design/build approach is customer-centric and inclusive. We function as your advocate and “single source” contractor from concept to completion.

Commercial Design-Build Expertise.

Did you know… changing the flow of your functional space can have a positive impact on generating revenue for your bottom line. Design and planning are much more than making sure everything fits or has a place. With Precision Contracting Services, you get exceptional design and architectural talent backed by an industry-leading service partner.

Our design team members influence global design trends and impact the commercial design industry. Designers from around the world utilize our fully equipped design library to make selections from flooring and light fixtures to wall coverings, hardware and finishes. We are quite proud.

Design/Build Approach.

At PCS, every project begins with a “Discovery Phase.” It’s our comprehensive walk-through process to probe the possibilities. This is a thorough assessment to scope all facets of the “vision” and to understand all of the nuances.

“Spatial design considerations is an imperative detail.”

An essential step in the process is mapping out spatial design considerations. We approach this exercise from a conceptual standpoint based on how different audiences – customers, patrons, patients, employees or tenants – will navigate and utilize the functional space. Learnings and insights are then translated into intuitive designs.

The result… plans with optimal spatial flow and function to maximize the potential so you can deliver a superior customer experience.

The Impact of Customer-Centric Design.

How people react to the space around them matters. It can be the difference between comfort and stress. It can be pivotal or disruptive to an intended outcome. There is a direct correlation to a person’s mood and behavior based on the environment.

We are experts in understanding design ramifications. For example, when designing for senior living facilities, using stripes as a prominent feature can cause older adults to feel unbalanced and puts them at risk for a fall. In a dentist office, it’s paramount to reduce stressful triggers among patients. That’s why all dental equipment is placed behind the patient chair allowing patients to face a window or watch a TV.

At PCS, we approach every design/build project through this inclusive lens. There are thousands of intentional design elements that meet spatial function while delivering an ideal experience versus a negative one.

“Best in Class” Contractors.

Our subcontractors are chosen for being smart, reliable, resourceful and innovative. They’re expertly skilled, thorough problem-solvers and proactive communicators doing what’s in the best interest of the customer.

To be considered a “Best in Class” contractor partner, an extensive pre-screening process is conducted and includes background checks to drug screening. The process to become a PCS Preferred Subcontractor uses the same protocol as used to become an actual PCS employee. At PCS, we take it that seriously.

Begin exploring the possibilities of a Customer-Centric Design/Build project. Call us. Review our portfolio of success. Start your project’s vision today.

Our Team works closely with you to identify and define your needs and vision, our years of renovation experience helps you best utilize your space and realize your ideal home.

“Single Source” Contractor.

Services offered by PCS span the entire continuum of a commercial project and allow PCS to act as a one-stop shop. We are a dedicated liaison and coordinator of all parties. Our expert team is robust. Our partners from designers, architects, engineers and project managers to carpenters, masons and mechanical contractors are “Best in Class.”

PCS prides itself in being flexible.

We love to build what we design. Yet if you come to PCS with plans in hand, we will happily construct the project to the designs specifications. If you want PCS to design your vision and want another contractor execute, the option is yours.

Which either way you choose to Design/Build, the PCS cutting-edge team of savvy and skilled professionals will flawlessly construct your design/build project. We work hard to meticulously execute a project’s vision.