Commercial Electrical Contractor

Electricians at the Ready

Only “Best in Class” electricians are chosen by Precision Contracting Services to be part of our extended team – both locally and nationally. It’s a distinction we’re proud of. We want to be your commercial electrical contractor.

Comprehensive Services and Capabilities.

Our electrical subcontractors deliver on a wide variety of services from electrical design and engineering to installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We also take on complete upgrades of electrical systems fulfilled with the latest technology.

The PCS preferred electrical contracting network serves our customers’ needs well. We have dedicated contractors that specialize in new commercial construction. Other contractors excel in electrical system replacements, upgrades and reconfiguring electrical needs for build outs, additions or expansions.

At PCS, you’ll find our contractors thrive on finding solutions to all electrical challenges.

Cutting-edge technology is at work when our electrical subs build from scratch or upgrade systems during a remodel. The entire team works collaboratively to ensure there’s efficiency and consistency in power delivery. Systems diagnostics are run as a standard protocol for maximum reliability.

Being thorough is always our approach. We don’t take short cuts. It’s as critically important to us, as to you, that the right materials are used in the best configuration for long-term sustainability.

Renewable and Solar Capabilities. PCS electrical partners are highly capable of designing, engineering, installing and maintaining sustainable and renewable projects.

From Photovoltaic Solar; roof systems, pole systems and tracking systems, to wind turbines and indoor/outdoor energy efficient lighting applications using LEDs, you can count on PCS. Energy maintenance, efficiency and sourcing are always in the forefront of our considerations.

Team Approach to Projects. The PCS team functions seamlessly in every project type from new construction to remodels, build outs and additions. Whether we’re planning for electrical, engineering, design or architectural, collaboration is crucial to bring out the best of each discipline so you get the best possible product.

Emergency Protection.

Safeguarding our customers is a top priority for PCS. Simply put, we partner with electrical contractors that are available any time, any day. You can rely on PCS when a problem arises. We are committed to providing 24/7 emergency service so our customers are always protected.

“The PCS preferred electrical contracting network serves our customers’ needs well.”

Preventative Maintenance.

When it comes to electrical functions, planning ahead has its advantages. Electricians utilize technology called infrared thermography. It’s a predictive maintenance solution to help identify problem areas and slacking performance — early.

Having annual inspections and keeping up with routine maintenance can save you money by reducing equipment and staff downtime. Optimizing performance and extending equipment life cycles often pay “dividends.”

Plus notable reductions in insurance costs are often actualized by implementing effective equipment maintenance programs. Ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Solutions Package to start saving money. We’re here to help.

“Best in Class” Contractors.

Our subcontractors are chosen for being smart, reliable, resourceful and innovative. They’re expertly skilled, thorough problem-solvers and proactive communicators doing what’s in the best interest of the customer.

To be considered a “Best in Class” partner, an extensive pre-screening process is conducted and includes background checks to drug screening. The protocol to become a new subcontractor of our Preferred Provider Network is the same implemented when bringing on new PCS employees. This process is fundamentally important to PCS.