Your Commercial New Construction Contractor

Superior Craftsmanship. Distinction in the Details.

When it comes to new construction development, you need a skilled, reliable partner. At Precision Contracting Services, we know what it takes to complete a new build with precision, within scoped budget, and up to rigorous specifications. It begins with smart design. Our team is comprised of talented designers and architects that infuse function with innovation. We believe that’s one of our distinguishing qualities. Alternatively, if you come with plans in hand, we can implement to satisfaction.

Our services are comprehensive and our experience is extensive.

“We can serve as General Contractor, Construction Manager or Design Builder.”

From big box retailers and strip mall construction to restaurants, hotels and academic campuses. From franchise businesses to independents to Fortune 500 companies — we’ve collaborated with many and constructed for a vast array of industries.

While we won’t rest on our laurels, our portfolio of successful projects provides a good indication of our capabilities. With Precision Contracting Services, you can rest assured your new construction project will achieve its intended vision. The PCS commercial new construction team navigates all types of working scenarios too – we can serve as General Contractor, Construction Manager or Design Builder. It’s up to you.

Our Preconstruction Methodology.

Excellence is achieved over time. It’s cultivated through experience and born from an insatiable curiosity for knowledge. The PCS team always strives for excellence. The same can be said for the importance we place on our approach to preconstruction.

Our process begins with diligence to conceptual, schematic and design planning — from initiating a project schedule while factoring in logistics, resources and project budget. Adherence to safety protocols is a priority for PCS too.

We believe in employing a team approach from initiation of preconstruction through project completion. Quite simply, our approach delivers stronger project outcomes.

The PCS team is adept at ensuring projects are accurately scoped and all appropriate opportunities and challenges are accounted for when drafting and reviewing detailed construction documents. At Precision Contracting Services, our goal is to build lasting relationships. We won’t settle for less than delivering superior service and craftsmanship to our customers on every project.

Built to Last.

The foundation of a project is set with choices made early on in the planning phase. These choices can make or break your project’s success. That’s why at PCS, we put great emphasis on a few key considerations. Over time, we’ve found the impact on a project’s viability and longevity to be substantial.

Our approach begins with innovative, thoughtful design. Distinction is in the details. PCS offers a full complement of services from design concepts and architectural planning through picking tiles and textures.

Executing on a vision means sourcing the “right” materials for the best outcome. Understanding and delivering on the functional and aesthetic needs guides the process. We build from the onset with the end user in mind.

With Precision Contracting Services, we bring our decades of expertise and put it thoroughly to work for you.

Design with Your Customer in Mind.

Whether we’re building a manufacturing facility, office building, fine dining restaurant, academic buildings or senior living apartments, we fully understand the environmental and situational nuances that are important to the site’s employees, patrons, customers and tenants. We build to maximize the aesthetic and functional needs of the space.

It’s a distinction you’ll get when working with Precision Contracting Services.

Approach to Estimating and Scheduling

At PCS, financial responsibility for your project is treated as a top priority. We make a committed pledge to ensure your organization’s construction project is completed to the highest standards and on your time table. Our estimating process is thorough and inclusive. We approach your project as if it were our own… with accuracy, resourcefulness, and 24/7 responsiveness, while seeking efficiencies along the way.