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Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

Beat the Cold this Winter
Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency
PCS Milwaukee

In preparing for winter, being prepared can help reduce a significant amount of energy waste. Below are five simple ways to increase your home’s efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more, or would like an estimate for these or other home projects don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email!

1. Make sure windows are airtight

New windows can improve your home’s performance:  Windows with leaks and drafts allow a lot of heat to escape (According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use!) New and efficient windows can fix this problem. Due to the number of windows we install per year, PCS has access to some great discounts and can show you a wide array of samples before choosing. If you don’t feel it’s the right time for new windows, it can also be a good idea to have a professional install weather striping and to caulk window gaps. Most experts agree that this will pay for itself in energy savings in as little as one year.

2. Switch your ceiling fan to a clockwise direction

If a fan is rotating clockwise, the blade will push air down rather than pulling it up. Warm air rises, and the fan can cut energy costs by shifting warm air to occupied areas of a room.

Most fans come with a switch that reverses the direction of rotation.

3. Invest in a programmable thermostat

You can use a pre-set schedule on a thermostat to turn your heater off when you don’t need it. Reduce the temperature when everyone is away during the day and at night to save big.

We recommend Honeywell’s 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat. It’s only 40 dollars and allows you to program one schedule for weekdays and another for weekends.

4. Change/clean furnace filters once a month

Dirty filters restrict airflow, which reduces air quality and increases energy demand. Most local hardware stores carry a wide variety of filters and can help pick out the right one.

You can also buy permanent air filters to reduce costs and waste. They just need to be cleaned periodically. Here’s a guide for the cleaning process-


5. Use the sun

In winter, the sun rises in the Southeast and passes low through the sky, setting in the Southwest; so south facing windows get the most exposure to the sun. Simply opening the drapes can let in a lot of natural light and heat. The winter sun’s low angle rays are actually stronger than rays in the summer!

New high-efficiency windows in Milwaukee homes help to warm homes

  • If you’re planning on a home remodel in the future, PCS can design your living room, kitchen or bedroom to maximize efficiency and increase the amount of natural sunlight.

These are some simple ways to make your home more efficient, but don’t hesitate to give us a call to request a quote to help increase your home’s efficiency, or to ask a question.

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