Frequently Asked Questions: Contracting Services

Why a permit?

A: Contractors are required to pull permits for work performed. The work is then subject to inspection by the local governing body. Permits are not unnecessary obstacles, but intended for your protection and peace of mind.

When can you start?

A: Complete project planning occurs before we start on a project. As part of the planning phase, a timetable is developed and agreed upon. Quite honestly, if we were to start a project without planning, it would be fraught with “starts and stops” and would likely take longer to complete then if we just play by the rules.

What happens when a crew doesn’t show up when you say?

A: We always keep our customers updated when a crews’ timetable needs to be adjusted. If a crew can’t be there when they say, we act swiftly to get a new time and/or date scheduled. At PCS, we pride ourselves on being responsive to meet customer needs and proactive with our communication.

Can I see actual product samples which are recommended for our project?

A:  Yes, absolutely. We typically provide samples of all the choices. If it makes sense, we can also do a swatch test of products.

Is air duct cleaning really beneficial?

A: In most cases, yes. Dependent upon the properties age and maintenance, and the level of dust raised prior or during a project, air duct cleaning should be a “must do” item.

Who holds the warranty on products used during my project?

A:  You will receive copies of all warranty information prior to the project’s conclusion including labor warranties. Labor warranties are held by the contractor. While material warranties are transferred to the home or business owner to be exclusively held by that property owner.

What happens if it rains during my construction or roofing project?

A:  If there is any chance of rain, at PCS we take every precaution to ensure water damage is mitigated by installing temporary waterproofing and coverage to your project.

Having done contracting for so long, what do you see as the biggest mistake people make?

A:  Not doing preventative maintenance. We can’t stress enough the amount of money people could save by doing an annual maintenance review.

Do you do 3D renderings of plans?

A:  Yes, and in full-color, if needed or requested.

Will PCS stick to the budget?

One reason we have such a thorough planning process is so that we can stick to the agreed upon budget. Yet realistically, things can happen which are out of our control — a wall is hiding mold or a new tenant comes in with changes. If the unanticipated happens, rest assured. We will provide you solutions along with competitive budgets.