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Protect Your Roof Before Milwaukee Summer Storms

Summer Storms – What You Should Know to Protect Your Home

Funnel Cloud Outside the PCS office 6/27/13

This summer, the Midwest has experienced one of the most volatile summers of the century, and meteorologists are predicting a continuation of summer storms throughout the month of August. Tornadoes, rain damage and even high winds have the potential to erode and inflict serious damage on your home. The good news is that preventative care goes a long way, and there are a few things you can do to prolong the condition of your home and lawn:

Roof Maintenance and Inspections:

Check the condition of your roof often (and especially after big summer storms) to prevent long-term damage that will drain your time and your bank account. Call a roof inspector at the first sign of a defective roof, because water damage can spread and create mold and mildew. Apply sealing around your chimney and vent pipes to prevent leaks into your home, and check the stability of your shingles to prevent lifting during high winds. See 6 Steps to Protect Your Roof for more information on how to cover your family with a durable roof during summer storms.

Your Lawn and Landscaping:

Wind and heavy rains can inflict major damage on your trees, causing them to crack, split or even uproot. Heavy rains can also soak through the soil, making it difficult for roots to stay fastened in the ground during strong winds. Keep your trees looking nice with some routine maintenance throughout the year:

  • Remove any dead or decaying branches
  • Have a professional inspect any cracked, hollow or leaning trees, as leaning can indicate root damage

Milwaukee Home maintenance · Keep the surrounding grass healthy and nourished with a lawn care treatment or frequent maintenance.


Know What is Draining from Your Gutters

Protect your flowers and foliage from gutter draining by keeping your gutter system working effectively. Gutters should be cleaned routinely to prevent buildup of sediments or mold, which can flow out into your lawn with a big storm. It is recommended that homeowners get gutters cleaned at least once a year, but you may want to switch cleanings to bi-annually if you have overhanging trees surrounding your home. Refer to this article for instructions on how to save some money by cleaning your own gutter system!

With all of the excitement of summer, it can be easy to forget about routine home maintenance, but nothing is better at ruining a sunny Milwaukee day than a leaky roof or mold from dirty runoff. Take these precautions to ensure a relaxing and safe summer for your family!

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