PCS works with two VMP Healthcare and Community Living facilities in the Milwaukee area. VMP’s goal was renovations and updates at the Village at Manor Park and BRIA of Trinity Village properties. PCS has established an ongoing contractor relationship with VMP where resident and patient care is a top priority. Updates and renovations within living units has been the focus to enhance areas for compliance with ADA regulations and for patient safety.

Additional services have included remodeling projects, such as windows, roofing, flooring, and painting with zero VOC products – odorless and without harmful emissions. Additionally, one of the high-rise buildings had a substantial skywalk in need of update. PCS facilitated the structural engineering and architectural review and assessment to provide a comprehensive solution complete with new steel columns, reinforced footings, and welding work.

Project Details

Client: Village at Manor Park and BRIA of Trinity Village

Project Type: Renovations, ADA Code Compliance Enhancements, and Structural Solutions

Business / Industry: Senior Living, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Care

Building / Project Size: Both facilities cover approximately 200,000 sq. ft.

Challenge: Ensuring minimal disruption to residents and those receiving services is crucial for a positive experience. Plus, following protective privacy and security protocols is important and requires care in facilitating renovations. The challenge was choosing the right time of day to perform construction activities, ensuring thorough clean-up for the care of resident health and making sure safety and privacy standards are strictly adhered to.

PCS Function: General Contractor, Full Service Construction Services