Precision Contracting Services has a proven track record of renovating residential spaces to maximize home investment for personal use and for future value when selling your home. The PCS team is dedicated to making the space meet the customers’ vision.

On this renovation project, PCS was involved in all facets from planning the spatial layout to acquiring all appropriate permits through build-out and inspection. The project required relocation of mechanicals including the furnace, water heater, ductwork as well as installation of a new HVAC system. Plus, plumbing work was conducted with the goal of increasing usable square footage. PCS finished the space with new flooring, framing, windows, painting, lighting, and doors.

Project Details

Client: Single-Family Homeowner

Project Type: Basement Renovation

Business / Industry: Residential

Building / Project Size: 1,000 sq. f.t recreational space renovation

Challenge: Relocating mechanicals such as furnace and water heater needs to be handled with great care so units don’t get damaged. Planning is very important along with having the right support people on hand. This paves the way for the best outcome and allows for real-time response, if anything arises.

PCS Function: General Contractor